Javier Castillo

Javier Castillo

Javier Castillo is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid (Spain).
He has a PhD in Computer Architecture, working on Self-Reconfiguration applications over Xilinx FPGAs. He has more than 10 years experience in FPGA design, working in several projects for the industry including the design of microprocessors for Militar applications.
His current work involves the use of FPGAs for High Performance Reconfigurable Computing and Multiprocessor emulation.
He also worked in design and verification of digital systems in SystemC using Transaction Level style. You can download several projects developed in SystemC from www.opencores.org including AES, DES, RNG and MD5 cryptographic cores.
His fields of interest are Digital Design, Embedded Systems, FPGAs, Open Source Hardware, High Performance Reconfigurable Computing and Multiprocessor FPGA Emulation.

         Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

         Ampliación de Rectorado, Office 2020
         28933, Móstoles (Madrid)

(+34) 91-4888239

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